Comfortable Atrium

Control of the occupied areas by "air conditioning chair"


Shizuoka Convention Arts Center

Architectural Design   ARATA ISOZAKI &  ASSOCIATES
Structure   S+SRC
Floors   3 basement floors、12 floors above ground
Building Area   13,647
Total Floor Space   60,630v
Purpose   Hall, conference center


Cooling of the occupied areas by "air conditioning chair".

It has been standard practice to air condition theaters and halls by means of ceiling diffusers and floor vents. However, with this theater and hall, due to concern for the global environment, we were requested to design a low energy system while providing a comfortable space. Hence the air-conditioning system did not aim to cool large spaces uniformly, so an "air-conditioning chair" was developed which emphasized cooling only the space occupied by an individual. At the art theater at Shizuoka Convention Arts Center (known as "Grand Ship), experiments according to actual size, including trials on individuals were carried out on the newly developed "air conditioner chair" to determine optimum diffused airflow and angle, and the performance of the occupied area air conditioning was confirmed by CFD, and the result was an energy saving system that provided comfortable conditions.


Tokyo International Forum


Tokyo Intenational Forum

Architectural Design Rafael Vinoly Architects P.C.
Location Tokyo
Completed 1996
Building Area 144,405㎡
Floors 3 basement floors、11 floors above ground
Total Cooling Capacity DHC  3,750 USRt
Total heating Capacity DHC  12,000Mcal/h
Transformer Capacity 20,000kVA
Solar Energy hot-water-supply 281,000kcal/day
Solar Battery output 64kW
Cogeneration 1,500kVA

After being selected in an international competition, Rafael Vinoly Architects P.C's proposal was for four 60m-glass atriums separated by function for meetings, etc. PTM was required to produce a comfortable environment with the minimum amount of energy consumption. Modeling & CFD testing & verification lead to the adoption of natural ventilation and sectionalised air conditioning.