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P.T.Morimura&Associates,LTD. was established in 1965. Since then, we have been providing consulting engineering services for building services (electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems) while maintaining our independent standpoint.
With the increasing importance of building services together with sustainability and renewable energy, we have developed a wide range of services for clients such as planning, design, work supervision and technical expertise aimed at providing functionally efficient buildings and systems that exploit beautiful architecutural design features.
Our services are underpinned by our company policy of "Honesty, Kindness and Excellence in Design and Implementation" which establishes our basic approach. This policy applies not only in the provision of functional design to satisfy client requirements during the course of the project, but also in recommending the latest technologies in proposals for building systems.

PTM’s Integrated Solutions for Ecology & Technology.

The key to creating comfortable internal environments is to consider and reproduce the normal natural environment for human comfort while designing to accommodate the technology with which people coexist.


The concept is to create comfortable, balanced environment. This concept incorporates the following 3 points.


  1. PTM creates harmonious environments for the present generation to live and work in, in order to avoid leaving environmental burdens for future generations.
  2. PTM recognizes that every element in an ecosystem must be in a perfect balance for life to flourish PTM is concerned about all elements in nature & their perfect balance.
  3. PTM designs integrated spaces to harmonize Technology and The Environment, which are normally in conflict with each other.

KENCHIKU JOURNAL Supplement "P.T.Morimura&Associates feature"

Feb 2015 has marked the 50th anniversary of PTM. To this mailestone, we have put together a booklet about our 50 years history.

建築ジャーナル別冊「森村設計特集」|P.T.Morimura&Associates, Ltd.

P.T.Morimura&Associates feature
Simple Solutions for a Sustainable Society

  • Simple Solutions for an sustainable Society
    1. Cutting Edge Simple Solution
    2. Design in harmony with architecture
  • Our range of Services
    1. Benefitting Future Generations
    2. The Future of Historical Buildings
    3. Building Lifecycles
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