Infra structural Works


Tsurumi Station Project

Architectural Design    Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering Firm, Inc.
Location    Kanagawa
Completion    2010
Site area    56,900
   31 floors & 1 basement
Total Cooling capacity    3,220kw
Total Heating capacity    1,850kw
Transformer capacity   
Generator capacity   


Takashima-chou 2-choume Project

Architectural design    Architectural Design Research Institute of Architecture
Location    Kanagawa
Completed    2007
Site area    58,169
   36 floors and 2 basements


Shinagawa Seaside Forest (Higashi Shinagawa 4-chome Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project)

Architectural design    RIA, JT Real Estate Design Consortium
Location    Tokyo
Completion    2003
Site area    365,000
   23 storeys above ground and 2 below
Total cooling capacity    14,520kw (total common area)
Total heating capacity    6,110kw (total common area)
Transformer capacity    11,500kVA (Block A common area) 7,500kVA (Block B common area)
Generator capacity    4,100kVA (Block A common area) 1,850kVA (Block B common area)



Supply area    Approximately 11.1ha
Supply capacity    Chilled water 81.2GJ/h
Hot water 81.2GJ/h
Location of district heating & cooling central plant    Basement level 3 of TIF
Date of commencement of supply operations    August 1996