Our Policy

Company motto
“Honesty, Kindness, Excellence in design and Implementation”

As people and as engineers, we are a model company that focuses on continuing to maintain the future.
We will continue to take on challenges with “Honesty, Kindness, Excellence in Design and Implementation ” in mind.

The following is an explanation of the company motto that the founder Takeo Morimura gave to employees at the time of its founding.

“Honesty and kindness”

As a human being and a member of society this is a natural motto.
We will fully reflect the company motto in their work.


To use fair and square methods to get a job done, not corner cutting methods.
When carrying out duties, to do it accurately and diligently without employing sloppy means.


It is necessary to be kind to the user and to consider details.
If it is just uniform and general it doesn’t achieve anything.
For example, even the height of the washbasin in a house is one thing. It is important to take into
consideration the lifestyle, family structure, and height of the user (although it will change with age),
and to have a thorough discussion and make a thoughtful recommendation.

“Excellence in Design”

Sensitively reading the needs of the times so as not to fall into a design rut. Constantly studying,
absorbing the latest technology, making improvements by adding new ideas, aiming for a technically
and economically excellent design.

“Excellence in Implementation”

No matter how good the design is, if it is not carefully and precisely constructed according to the
design intent, it will not be possible to deliver a good product to the client. Therefore, it is necessary
to ensure quality with reliable supervision, to be kind to the client and carry out the work with a rigid
attitude toward construction.

All of the above is the spirit of the company motto.